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30 Yard Dumpster

30 Yard Dumpster Rental

Industrial and construction wastes are the worst kind of trashes that keep polluting our environment. So we should collect them all together in a particular place and then send them away for recycling. And nothing can pull off such work other than a 30 yard dumpster. Yes, for large amounts, we need huge space and so that 30 yard dumpster exists. You can rent one for any industrial or construction site. And for some more information about the 30 yard dumpster, let us follow the below headings correctly.

Dimensions: 20 feet x 8 feet x 5.25 feet.    

Capacity: Hold 30 cubic yards.    

Weight: 3 - 4 tons

Acceptable Trash, Weight Limit & Rental Period

Acceptable Trash – 30 yard dumpsters are mainly made for every kind of heavy duty waste pickups like industrial wastes, construction wastes, storm damage cleanups, remodeling, concrete replacement, landscape cleanup, etc. So every kind of organic and non-organic waste material such as green wastes, woods, plastics, sand, brick, concrete, etc. are regarded as an accepted trash. However, for some out of the situation scenes, there might be some extra charges as well. 

Weight Limit – The weight limit of a 30 yard dumpster varies from 3 to 4 tonnes. However, it varies from place to place. 

Rental Period – The rental period for a 30 yard dumpster is flexible. But generally, it is rented for 3 to 5 days. 

Street Permit – A 30 yard dumpster can be placed, on a public street, but it requires a special street permit. The street permit is variable, and the local municipal is responsible for it. So contact your municipality for such purpose.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A 30 Yard Dumpster?

Although there is no particular rental value decided for a 30 yard dumpster, you can calculate the cost through various factors which are as follows –

  • Size of a dumpster
  • Types of trashes dumped
  • Location
  • Rental period
  • Weight of trash

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